Kind words

Testimonials van een aantal klanten.

Michael is a very skilled voice-over, a real pro with an empathetic and trustworthy voice. He’s quick to understand the tone of the written narrative. He also knows how to challenge copy; not to criticize it, but to improve it. The sound of his voice in my head makes copywriting easy.
I hope we’ll keep on working together for many years to come.

Floris Beets

Strategy Director, Borish Film Agency

Not only as a voice-over, but also as a writer, Michael always surprises me with fresh and creative ideas and solutions. He’s flexible and analytical, but aside from that, Michael is simply great fun to work with.

Mattijs Mollee

Producer/director, Floating Concrete Films

Michael has a unique talent. A voice that exudes natural authority. A warm and pleasant tone that adds expertise to whatever the subject is.
Michael makes us sound good.

Bas Korsten

Global Chief Creative Officer, Wunderman Thompson

Michael Krass… well… easy to use, easy to misuse… flexible, but at the same time and, in a pleasant way, stubborn.
We love his voice, and his variety of tone. On screen, off screen, whether he’s acting or narrating hours of e-learning.
And just as important for us, he’s “quick response”. Great to have a quality narrator at hand, especially in those stress moments.
But don’t read this; we prefer to say that he has an unpleasant rasping voice, makes numerous mistakes and is unreliable… so we can use him exclusively for our own productions!

Leon Verlaek

Producer/director, BLD Media

Michael has a warm and sympathetic voice, with added spirit. He is easy to direct, he doesn’t only talk but can listen as well, and he comes across convincingly but not too pushy. A reliable salesman and great storyteller, who can handle longer copy as well. You really want to know what this guy has to say.

Marcel Hartog

Creative director/partner, Joe Public Take-Away Advertising

Michael has a warm and empathetic voice. He’s a great story-teller who knows how to do a voice-over without that selling tone, which makes the message much more likeable.

Dare van Dijk

Chief Creative Officer, TBWANEBOKO Amsterdam

Getting a message across is one thing. Hitting the right nuances and adding a feel to a script is something else.
Michael is a natural in interpreting a brief and translating this into a story you want to listen to. He always gives something extra.
Besides he is a really nice guy. Quite important.

Justin van der Velden

Creative Director, Narwal Creative

Michael has the ability to sound experienced without sounding old. His voice conveys authority, but also has spark and friendliness, nicely dark or pleasantly fresh. You want to believe him. He’s also very pleasant to work with, extremely flexible.

Joost Meijer

Creative producer | director

Michael’s approachable and flexible work ethic makes him a pleasure to collaborate with. Alongside his unique voice and friendly personality it’s clear why he is always one of the first talents we will offer to our clients.

Lisa Pilley

Executive Producer, Magenta Films

Live session with Michael Krass and Bas Korsten