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  • How long is your voice-over? What do you want it to sound like? Do you have a link to a rough cut or a version of the video that’s already online?
  • Will the VO be used internally, or for broadcast, and if so for which territories and for how long? On the internet & social media: organic/on company site OR a paid campaign?
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How this works

You may have noticed there are are no prices on this site

That’s because the fee depends on the type of project. I have a Basic Studio Fee for an hour of recording, regardless of script length. Any additional hours are charged at 50%. For a short video that I record in my own studio I’ll never charge you for more than one hour – this includes retakes for small copy changes or tone of voice.

In addition, if the voice-over is to be used for commercial purposes, like a paid social media campaign, we’ll need to negotiate a usage fee.

Once we’re good…

Once we’re good on the financials, we can talk about what you’re looking for in the voice-over, tone of voice, style, etc; if you have examples that’s great.

I have a fully-quipped professional studio and can send you the audio for review, or you can call in over internet and direct me live. I can also come to a studio of your choice – aisle seat in economy plus please and have the gluten-free vegan snack bowl filled.

What do you get?

Guide track

If you haven’t started editing your film, I can record a guide track for you, no charge, and then do the final VO once you’re done editing.

Final Voice-Over

I’ll record up to three takes of the copy. If you haven’t directed me, I’ll send you the audio for review. If you feel I didn’t quite nail it, or – and this never happens – if your client would like some minor copy changes, I’ll do a second round of recording. This is all included in the Basic Studio Fee.

You’ll be charged 50% of the Basic Studio Fee if your client suddenly decides they want an entirely different style of VO or a complete rewrite of the script.


Copy editing

Speaking of rewrites, writing copy in English for an international audience is harder than you think. I can help. I have years of experience writing my own copy, and recording other people’s. Why not let me have a look at your script and suggest rewrites? I’ll charge you for it, but I’m reasonable.

And …

… this will hopefully be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I’ve worked with most of my clients for years. I like to think they keep coming back because I help them get exactly what they need.